Welcome to Body Preference

Body Preference Fitness Studio is a boutique-style gym specializing in 1-on-1 and small group training. We utilize various training methods, such as GTS, Kettlebell, resistance, circuit, interval and cardiovascular as well as yoga. Our primary goal is to provide training of the highest quality that meets the needs of our clientele in a safe, efficient, and enjoyable manner.

Our Mission

Our mission at Body Preference is to create an atmosphere that is motivational, inspirational, and non-judgmental. The training programs designed for each individual will reflect the client’s objectives, fitness level, and experience, and will enhance their strength, endurance, and flexibility, in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

Our Vision

The purpose of Body Preference Fitness is to provide safe and effective exercise programs through 1-on-1 fitness consultations and individually designed programs that result in goal achievement and overall physical and mental wellness.

Our desire is to help others achieve their health and fitness goals through a balanced lifestyle that will contribute to their long-term physical, emotional, intellectual, and social well being.